Hot Air Balloon Festival Flyer

Software: Adobe Illustrator
Promotional Poster for Albuquerque Balloon Festival
Made with the Pathfinder, CMYK mood, Effects and clipping masks tools. 17x11 in size and another poster variation without event information.

Unofficial Star Wars Fan Club Flyer

Software: Adobe UX & Illustrator
Event poster for a fictional lightsaber stage combat club at LWtech. 17x11 size and includes detailed images of various visual elements>

Project Pillar

Software: Adobe UX & Illustrator
Team: Sarah Florian, Emma Owsen, Kris Wraalstad
My Role: Management, concept, mockup & graphic design
Goal of the project was to make an "All-in-one" portfolio marketing solution for creative professionals. Project includes sketches, wireframes, user research, prototypes and mockups. The images include the wireframe and final result of the page. Below is an interactive demo of the teams mobile website:

Project Demo

Kirkland Farmers Market Brochure

Software: Adobe InDesign & Illustrator
Duotone color and tri-fold package design. Required content includes vender list, directions, recipes, mailing standard, volunteer & business information

Dystopian Photo montage

Software: Adobe Photoshop
Over 20 stock images used
Displacement maps, layer blending styles, levels and color balancing tools

Main Collection Alphabetical Organizers

Software: Adobe Illustrator & InDesign
Made for Lake Washington Institute of Technology’s Academic Library for long term use & simple, easy editing. Consistent layout & limited by provided Alphabetical content

Seattle Knights Infographic

Software: Illustrator, InDesign & Photoshop
Fictional work created for learning InDesign's intereactizity tools
Content switches on featured scroll. Sections featured are a gallery, video, menu, show dates and hyperlinks to directions and seating. Seattle Knight media used with permission (I am currently an intern). Piece added for feedback and to build on my portfolio

Web Banner for Game Store Event

Web banner for a miniature event at a game store

Blind Dragon Hobbies

For a brick and morter game store owner, working both instore as an assistent with store management, an event coordinatoor and designer. Created a packaged of visual merchandise designs such as with a reimagined logo, price tags, sale signs, business cards, fliers and a website design.

Past Website Designs

Streaming Overlay Elements

Past Vector work in Adobe Illustrator

Gift Illustration of a RPG Character

Sketch sample pieces

Sketch sample pieces

Rough composition work

Charcoal and tone paper samples

Past 3D Models

About Me


Sarah Florian

From the suburbs of Seattle, WA I grew up with a pencil in my hand and creative wit in my head. Computer graphics programs caught my eye at a young age as I was working with Photoshop 5.5 and Microsoft image composter. I was creating websites before the idea of mockups and wireframes were around and capturing video in middle school. I thrived under the umberpella of such big name corporantions such as Nintendo of American and Microsoft. Currently, I use latest versions of Abode's Creative Suite.

As a bright and detail creative indivdual I am ready to hit the work and help you design a creative masterpiece. I'm creative, detail oriented; yet I remain focused on the big picture. With great attention to detail and strong analytical skills, I have demonstrated ability to problem solve when working on complex graphic design projects. It is my dream to work in the creative industry, and chip at creative projects every day regardless of tough challenges.

In my spare time I preform to sweat and steel in stage combat as ground fighter and student under the Seattle Knights. I also take part in charity work dressed up as Star Wars character for the local Star Wars Costuming groups when I am not busy. Painting, costuming and gaming I also dabble in, and am sometimes at a local gym or at a martial arts.

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